11-10 Murray 11-10

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11-10Murray2I am so lucky – it didn’t take long for me to find my forever home! Kimberly was so wonderful to me, but Patricia is my new, forever mom. We got off to a rough start – I was a little bored when she left for work the first day, and made a little mess. Then I decided to go visit the neighbors another day and forgot to tell her where I was going. But I am learning the rules quickly. No more walking by myself and no more using the trash as entertainment!

Some GRRIN folks came over and helped Patricia and me to better work together and now we are really settling in! I love to snuggle with her, and really enjoy our time together playing in the back yard. A neighbor even comes and takes me for a walk sometimes! The neighborhood all knows me now, and I love seeing everyone when I can. My new mom is wonderful, and I really am glad we found each other. Thanks, GRRIN! You guys rock!