11-17 Buddy HE 11-17


Hi, my name is Buddy, do you want to play ball? I’m a very sweet and highly energetic one year old boy, but I was a little too rowdy for my family’s grandson, so they made a tough decision and asked GRRIN to help find a more suitable home for me. My foster mom was smitten the first time she met me and so I went to live with Denise, Jim, Jamie and their resident dog, Jazzy. I was their very first foster dog so I tried real hard to be a perfect guest! While in foster care, I improved my leash skills, learned to go up stairs, learned to stay until released at meal time, and played a lot of ball. My foster mom said I would play ball 24/7 if her arm would hold out that long! After just a few weeks, I met Jim and Liz. Being the handsome, sweet boy that I am, they fell in love with me right away. It just so happens that Jim was looking for a running “Buddy,” and I love to run! It’s a really nice way to burn off some of my energy. Liz has grown up with Goldens so she saw right away what a wonderful dog I was and knew we were meant for each other. I will get to go to work with her soon and that will be great getting all that attention! I also got to show off my swimming skills in her parents’ pool when I stayed with them. I’ll do anything to get my ball. I had fun playing with their Golden, too. Life is very good now, and I am so grateful to have the perfect new forever home. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

Life is very good!
11-17buddy3.jpg 11-17buddy4.jpg 11-17buddy2.jpg Adopted June 2011