11-20 Jules HE 11-20


Dear friends at GRRIN – my adoption is complete! I am in my forever home! A few Fridays ago, my foster mom, Kate, and I drove to meet Jeremy at his home. We received the royal tour of the backyard and walked around the fishing pond/park (which is across the street from my new home). There are also walking trails – made just for us, I am sure! My new dad is wonderful. That is Jeremy in the pictures with me. He takes me for walks, and I spend all day with him. I have a very large back yard to play in and lounge in the shade. He likes to sculpt, so maybe someday I will get to pose for him. But meanwhile, I sit outside his studio and watch him work. He has renamed me Jordan, which, as you recall, no one could ever figure out my real name, so it fits me just fine! I miss my foster family, as Kate was wonderful to me, but Jeremy is my forever dad, and I love him. Thank you GRRIN, for taking me in and helping me find my new family! I am truly one very lucky puppy! Jordan – aka Jules 11-20 Jules renamed Jordan HE Jordan 11-20 (formerly Jules) in her new back yard 11-20 Jules renamed Jordan HE Jordan 11-20 (formerly Jules) 11-20 Jules renamed Jordan HE Jordan 11-20 with Jeremy Adopted August 2011