11-24 Lexie 11-24

Adopted by:
Bob and Betty

Hi its Lexie! My foster family pretty much told me I’m the whole package—attentive, loyal, eager to learn and of course I’m a fancy designer dog being part Golden/part Vizsla. I’ve needed some extra attention due to my polycystic kidney disease but you’d never know it by looking at me. I am so thankful for my foster mom and dad and dogs and cats. They taught me manners, rules and most importantly that I am a very important part of the family. We patiently waited and waited until we met the perfect forever family. I knew right away when I met Bob and Betty! Anyone could tell because I always wanted to be by their side! Now I have an amazing new home. I love playing and wrestling with my new doggy brothers and sisters. I even heard Bob say he was glad that I picked them too! I love snuggling with my new family and watching Bob in the woodshop. I now have everything I ever wanted. This is where I was meant to be! 11-24 Lexie HE Lexie starts the ride to her new home! 11-24 Lexie HE End of the first day in her Forever Home 11-24 Lexie HE Lexie watching Bob remodel the kitchen 11-24 Lexie HE Lexie and Ellie 11-24 Lexie HE Lexie and Buddy 11-24 Lexie HE with Ellie and Sandy Ellie, Lexie and Sandy Adopted November 2012