11-27 Chase HE 11-27

Adopted by:
Steve, Rhonda, and Kailin.

The wait is over! I’ve found my forever-home with Steve, Rhonda, and Kailin. For the first four years of my life I was an outside dog, living in a Kansas back yard with my sister, Sadie (you might know her as Sadie 11-28 – she’s also a GRRIN dog). My family was moving to a different house that didn’t allow dogs, so we had to find a new home. They put an ad on CraigsList, and a volunteer from GRRIN made some inquiries. Before I knew it I emigrated from Kansas to Nebraska! My new indoor surroundings were kind of confusing at first. But with some great help from my foster parents Adam and Lisa, their dogs Duke and Andy, and their cat Boo, I got used to being an inside dog and part of their “pack”. Life was really good, but I was still missing the word “forever” from my life. One day a nice family came to meet me. Their names were Steve and Rhonda, and their daughter, Kailin. We all hit it off right away, and I started thinking about forever again! It wasn’t long before I said my goodbyes to the wonderful foster home and moved in with my new family. It took me awhile to get my bearings again, but I gradually got used to the routine. I get regular walks and lots of family interaction. When I’m excited to see you I have to have a soft toy in my mouth. Makes sense because I’m a RETRIEVER, right? I like to follow my family around and stay near them. Life’s great and I now know what FOREVER means! Thanks, GRRIN! 11-27 Chase HE Chase 11-27 at his forever home 11-27 Chase HE Adopted August 2011