11-28 Sadie 11-28

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Hi, this is Sadie. I wanted to tell you about my new forever home. I have a huge back yard and get to run around a lot. I met the 6 month old, little daschund next door, who chased me all around the yard. I let her chase me because it was fun and she needed the exercise. I have met the neighbors on both sides of my house and they are all very nice people. I have the run of the house because I have proven that I am trustworthy. At night, I get to sleep in front of the bed. If I hear a noise, I go to the window and let my mom know that there is something outside. It took me awhile to start barking but I have overcome any shyness I may have had. When my new mom goes to work, I like to go in the basement because I have a couch down there I can stretch out on. I have lots of treats and toys, but I am not quite sure yet what to do with the toys. I do bring them out into the living room once in a while. I am told that I will like to play with them, I just need to be shown how. Never really had any before I came to GRRIN, but now there is a whole basket full! We go for lots of walks and I am learning that if I slow down, it doesn’t pull so much. I am happy here and have adjusted well to my new routine. I like my forever home and feel quite comfortable here. I think I will stay. Thanks GRRIN and my foster home for taking such good care of me prior to coming home. Life is good! Love always, Sadie 11-28sadie2x.jpg Adopted September 2011