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Howdy, GRRIN folks! This is Gizmo and I just wanted to check-in and let you know how I’m doing since I found a new forever home with Cindi, Ed, their great family and other pets. You might recall I came into GRRIN after my previous owner became ill and contacted GRRIN to help me land in a new, wonderful life. I know it was a hard transition for everyone since I’m super happy and certainly loved. It started out great when I was fostered by Terry, Joshua, their kids and resident dog. They took such good care of me and I’m so grateful for their hospitality. Now, as you’ll see from the photos, I’ve settled in quite well in my new abode and am more than happy to help with laundry. When I’m not doing that I spend quality time outside and keep an eye on the yard. I’m also well-acquainted with Charlie the cat who doesn’t seem to mind when I’d like to share a warm lap. Although, it’s super-awesome when I have Cindi all to myself and we get to snuggle. Thanks, GRRIN, for everything!! Gizmo helps with the laundry 11-33 Gizmo Forever Home 11-33 Gizmo Forever Home 11-33 Gizmo Forever Home Gizmo and Charlie the Cat 11-33 Gizmo Forever Buddy Charlie the Cat Adopted January 2012