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Shawn & John looked at lots of goldens before meeting me. Saw me at Gold Rush and fell in love. There were other families interested in me, but they asked to be put at the bottom of the list. And here I am! Kinda think it was fate that we all found each other. Previous family let me eat all I wanted. When I came to GRRIN I weighed nearly 100 lbs! I was affectionately called, “Chubby Abby”. It just so happens that my new mom was losing weight, too. We took lots of walks and mom monitored my food. I am proud to say I am a healthy 80 lbs. My new vet, Dr. Lynn, says I’m a big girl and look great. Now, I am stronger, have lots more energy, and can run really fast now. Yea! My new human big sister, Michaela, is away at college. But she comes home to see ME, at least, once a month. I can’t wait because she gives me lots of snuggle time and we go for long walks. When I first came to my forever home, I was terrified of loud noises and the recliner. Mom spent months teaching me that I did not need to be afraid of it and run into the other room. They even let me get up on the couch so I would not be afraid. Now, I don’t even flinch when that footstool goes up. Mom and Dad took me to dog obedience class to learn some good dog behavior. I just loved all the treats I got from everyone. I even graduated with honors, voted “Most Improved”. I love my new house. I have a big backyard that has lots of bunnies to chase. We live next to a school with lots of kids to say, “hi” to. Lots of dogs walking their humans go past our corner. Mom made me a huge dog bed that I sleep on every day. I am allowed on the bed but I really don’t like to be squished so I enjoy my own bed. I have huge basket full of balls and toys. I just celebrated my 3rd birthday. I got a new bear stuffed animal that I carry around and sleep with. I even have my own “spot” on the couch. That’s great, but what I really love is curling up on someone’s lap. Yes, I’m an 80 lb lap dog. Who says you have to be only 8 lbs? And, if I’m lucky enough to have two laps on the couch, I will use them both! I have truly found my “forever home”. I feel like I’ve been here forever. I give and receive hugs and kisses all day long. I get to play and go for walks, discover new people and places, and get to sleep on a loving lap. Thank you GRRIN for helping me find a forever home Love, Abby 11-34 11-34 Abby Happy Ending 11-34 Abby Happy Ending 11-34 Abby Happy Ending 11-34 Abby Happy Ending 11-34 Abby Happy Ending Adopted October 2011