11-38 Clyde HE 11-38

Adopted by:
Keith, Laura, Nick, Sydney and Gus

Dear Santa,

My name is Clyde and I want to thank you for giving me my Christmas wish early this year. Just a few months ago I was found running around the Iowa countryside with another dog, Bonnie. We were picked up by a shelter and surrendered to GRRIN, then I went to a really fun foster home with Cindy, her dad, and their two GRRIN dogs, Leah and Gunner. I loved being able to play all day and have a roof over my head at night, but I still needed a forever home. Unfortunately, I was put on the “naughty” list for a while because I started chewing things at Cindy’s house, but I’m so darn cute that a family wanted to meet me anyway. Laura, Nick, and Sydney brought Gus over to play and they thought I’d be a perfect fit for them – all I had to do was meet Keith and promise to try and get back on the “good” list. Well, it all worked out and now I’ve been with them for a month. Laura calls me “the Clyde-ster” and says I’m a keeper so I’ll keep working on my manners, playing with Gus, and giving my new family a lot of love! By the way, thanks for giving Bonnie a great home, too!!

Love, Clyde 11-38 Clyde HE 11-38 Clyde HE Adopted November 2011