11-39 Sully HE 11-39

Adopted by:
Brent, Tricia and their girls

Hi, this is Husker, formerly known as Sully. I am so thankful for great timing! I was rescued from a home that didn’t have enough time for me and ended up in the wonderful GRRIN family. I was then brought to what is known as a foster home with Brent, Tricia and their girls. It’s funny though because when I arrived and looked around, nothing seemed temporary about it! I knew right away that this was the home for me!! We still gave it a few weeks to test the waters and I even tried to show my naughty side by eating food off the counters when no one was looking and even chewed up a DVD from the public library. Luckily my new family is patient and kind and willing to teach me what is right and wrong. They immediately accepted me into their family and made me feel like I’ve been with them forever. I quickly bonded with Jake, their resident Golden. We love to play around and wrestle and I’m so lucky to have such a great dog buddy. I love snuggling. I love going for walks and car rides. I pretty much love everything about my new life! Things happen for a reason and I sure am proof of that! Adopted October 2011