11-40 Goldie 11-40

Adopted by:
Ruth, Mary, & Hutson

Hello, My name is Miss Goldie Pinklesweet! I used to be just plain old Goldie, but that didn’t quite fully explain my personality. You see, I’m one of the sweetest Goldens you’ve ever met. My moms, Ruth and Mary, take real good care of me. Every day I get to go for a long walk. One of my moms likes to brush my teeth every night. I’m not too fond of that, but you should see my smile–dazzling! I went to doggie training and learned a few commands I didn’t know before. My moms like to play games with me and take me shopping to the stores that will let me in. Best of all, I get as much petting as I want! I also live with my adopted Airedale brother, Hutson. I like playing and wrestling with Hutson. I’m also teaching him how to retrieve. Who better than a Golden to teach an old dog new tricks?! Life is pretty good but I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the help of GRRIN and my foster family in Kearney. A big bark out to foster mom Carol and her wonderful family! I just want to thank everyone who was involved in my rescue. I couldn’t be happier. Sincerely, Miss Goldie Pinklesweet 11-40 Goldie Adopted December 2011