11-44 Dobbie HE 11-44

Adopted by:
Corky, Doris and Ginger

I am so happy – having had to move out of my family’s home after 9 years, I stayed in a foster home for only 3 weeks. Along came Doris and Corky and we knew we were meant for each other. We first met at the bookstore meet and greet. I also met my future golden sister Ginger at that time. It was very hectic there, but it was the beginning. Then my foster mom took me to their house and I got to see the house and the humongous yard and feel my way around with the three of them. I could tell something was up, and a week later, I was back, permanently! I go for walks every day, and spend the day with Doris and Ginger. Everyone has been so very patient with me, as there are a few things I have been scared of – like going down enclosed stairs. Ginger has even tried to entice me with toys, but it is not working yet. But she and I spend a lot of time together and can be seen snuggling on the deck. Doris and Corky spoil us so much, they even made a ramp up onto the bed so we can join them if we want. I haven’t yet, but Doris made a special bed for me on the loveseat in their room, and for now I am quite comfortable on that. But maybe someday! I really miss my old family, but thank heavens for GRRIN – and Corky, Doris and Ginger. I am so happy I could run around in circles!

Much love to my old, and new families – happy holidays! Dobbie 11-41dobbie2.JPG 11-44 Dobbie (on left) and Ginger with Santa Adopted December 2011