11-47 Abby AKA Hope 11-47


I entered GRRIN as Hope, and let me tell you I got much more than I hoped for. GRRIN gives you a chance to dream big, the biggest dream of all, a forever home. Since I started my life over I started with a new name as well. You can now call me Abby. I came to GRRIN at a low time in my life. A time when I really wasn’t getting the things a young girl like me needs. I had a great time with my foster mom, Misty, and her Golden, Hawkeye. I learned new things, ate well, and did the silly things a 1 year old should. I also got to go to new places and meet new people. The day I met Jerry and Kim is really a day to remember. We sniffed and hung out for a little while. A few days later I got to see them again, then met their dog Drummer. It was a done deal for all of us. Jerry, Kim, Drummer and I decided we wanted to be a family, forever. Now I’ve settled in with Jerry, Kim and Drummer, who is a coonhound. Jerry, Drummer and I spend all day together playing, running, hanging out, and retrieving of course. I’ve heard that poor Drummer has not played a day in his life. He lived a track and nap existence. I’ve helped him make a few changes in his life and he’s a good sport about it. Don’t worry about me leaving Kim out here. When she’s not at work I still have plenty of energy and silliness to share. I have so many stories to share that there isn’t enough space here. There also aren’t enough words to let you know how much Jerry and my new family & I mean to each other, you’ll just have to trust me. I may just be a young-un, but I have gained a lot of wisdom the last few months. My advice is to dream big; you may just get what you want. Click on the link below to watch the video of Abby aka Hope playing tug of war with her new brother Drummer! This is significant, because Drummer has never shown any interest in playing with toys or other dogs prior to this. What a happy ending! Abby and Drummer play Tug of War