11-48 Junior 11-48

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I’m Junior and my name says it all! When I came to GRRIN I had a lot to learn, but after living with my foster mom Cindy and her two GRRIN dogs, Leah and Gunner, I learned manners (it’s not good to eat paperback books) and social skills (Gunner lets me know when he’s done playing). I had become quite the escape artist while living with my first owner but Cindy’s fence is dog-proof; if I see a squirrel outside the fence, it’s definitely safe from me! Cindy knew right away that she wanted to keep me but wasn’t sure if Leah and Gunner could handle my young energy. After a few months in foster care and meeting families that weren’t the right match for me, Cindy decided I should stay as part of her pack. Gunner and Leah agree – we all play, sleep, and eat together. I’ll still be “Junior” and living in the same home when I’m old and grey. It’s a dog’s life! 11-48 Junior 11-48 Junior Adopted April 17, 2012 (at Kibble ‘n Bids!)