11-49 Khiloh and 11-50 Kenzy 11-49 and 11-50


Hi Fellow Golden Fans! Khiloh and Kensey here to tell you about our journey and forever home! We had a loving family who we miss very much and due to some unfortunate circumstances they asked GRRIN to help them find a new family for us to live with. We are very happy that GRRIN kept us sisters together; we would have really missed each other. Plus, two Goldens are twice the love! 11-49k-11-50kintoyota.JPG We spent two weeks with a really cool foster family (Scott, his family, and two other dogs). While we had a nice time, we were anxious to find our forever home and we didn’t have to wait very long for a new family to fall in love with us – who can blame them; we are so sweet, smart and loving – and we love to PLAY! What’s really cool about our new family (Mike, Jenn, Cassie, Sarah & Zach) is the varied work and school schedules, which means there is almost always someone at home to hang out with us and play. We’ve done a pretty good job of training them how to throw tennis balls and we get to do that pretty much every day! We’ve also got them trained to keep the dishes clean and out of the sink when they’re away from the house (we did this by pulling some dirty dishes out of the sink and putting them on the floor). Humans are pretty easy to train if you know what you’re doing! We’ve been to the dog park quite a few times and we’re also getting familiar with the neighborhood by taking our new family on walks. Mornings are the best – we wake our new family up by jumping on the bed and giving them wet, sloppy kisses and dog hugs. We are very happy to be in our forever home and are thankful to the people at GRRIN for making this a reality for us. See you all in the future at the GRRIN events! 11-49-khiloh-and-11-50-kenzy2.JPG 11-49-khiloh-and-11-50-kenzy3.JPG