12-01 Jasmine HE 12-01


WOW. Even though I wake up each day to PARADISE, I can’t believe it’s still happening to me. My name is Jasmine. I used to be an agricultural commodity – translation: breeder dog. I spent the first 8 years of my life outside, making puppies. I never knew what it was like to be part of a family. Then my life changed dramatically. I’m not sure why, but one day a nice man came and met me. He was so kind and gentle, I didn’t mind in the least when he took me away. After a brief stop at the vet (where they made sure that I didn’t have to have any more puppies), I made my way into a wonderful, warm foster home. It took me a little while to feel comfortable, but the more I was inside, the more I loved it! I got to spend time with nice humans and dogs that weren’t working! One day I met a man by the name of Doug. He was a big guy, but also soft-spoken with kind eyes. For some reason I felt myself drawn to him. It wasn’t long before I found myself hanging out with Doug and his friend Tam. I got a new dog bed that was clean, dry, and JUST FOR ME! We have a big back yard where I can run and play. There are dog neighbors that I can check out behind the fence. I don’t have to stay in one place very long, and can check out other sights and smells. Doug says that when he watches me play he can’t believe that I’m 8-years-old, because I’m acting like a puppy. Well, I’m experiencing some of my lost youth! GRRIN changed my life, and gave me PARADISE. What more could a dog ask for? 12-01jasminefoster1.jpg Adopted February 2012