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My name is Sam, and I’ve found the perfect home. I made my way into GRRIN when my family in Kansas decided that they couldn’t keep me. My owner was being deployed with the Army, and his wife had her hands full with the kids. I was sad to leave, but I know that things happen sometimes. My sadness was eased by the kindness shown by the GRRIN volunteers. A nice man helped me become a citizen of Nebraska (it was a long drive), and took me to a vet. After I received a clean bill of health, I landed in a wonderful foster home with Gary and his Golden Retriever, Farley. Farley is kind of shy and laid-back, but we were soon running around the back yard like old friends. One day my foster dad told me that I was going to stay here forever! That’s just fine with me, because I felt like I was destined to be part of this “pack”. I plan on thanking my forever dad every day for picking me, and every time I see someone from GRRIN, I’ll show them my gratitude for all that they’ve done! Life is good.

Adopted March 2012