12-09 Daisy 12-09

Adopted by:
Michelle and Paul

My name is Daisy. I am 2 years old and very typical for a Golden. If you don’t know much about Goldens, let me tell you that we love people and we are pretty active dogs, some of us more active than others. I am one of those more active girls, that and my “large build” made it difficult in my first home. I wanted to be with and play with my family, but in my exuberance I accidentally knocked over the smaller kids in the family. Because of this I got sent to the back yard to live. This is not the life for a social dog like a Golden, my family could see this so they sought out GRRIN’s help. I spent some time in foster care with GRRIN learning basic manners, reminding me what it means to live inside a house, and teaching me a few new things like walking politely on leash. For me with my excited nature it will be a life of practice, practice, practice with all the skills I know and setting boundaries for me. Here’s where Michelle and Paul step into my life. Michelle and her son Paul are both adults that are able to put forth the effort and time to help me be the great girl people will love being around. When Michelle is at work Paul is home, and the other way around. Michelle and I like to go for walks and hang out together. Sometimes when Michelle and I hang out together I watch The Dog Whisperer on TV, and in a few weeks we will be taking a class to continue working on obedience and training that I started while in foster care. Paul and I like to go running together, play catch in the park, wrestle and do other rowdy things. At Michelle and Paul’s house I even have neighbor kids next door that come to the door and ask if I can come outside to play, how cool is that? Daisy watching The Dog Whisperer 12-09 Daisy watches The Dog Whisperer 12-09 Daisy HE 12-09 Daisy HE Adopted April 2012