12-10 Sable now April 12-10

Adopted by:
Terry, Joshua, Kailynn, and Noah

Hi, I’m Sable, but in honor of my adoption my new name is April. I am a very sweet and beautiful blonde. Hey, none of those blonde jokes! But, I’m here to tell you that blondes really do have more fun! I’ve been around some in my young age and my most recent owner just didn’t have the time to invest in keeping me so the wonderful folks at GRRIN took me in. The vet said I was in perfect health and I landed in foster care with Terry, Joshua, Kailynn, and Noah. I shared my foster home with their 11 year old Golden named Andy and their King Charles Spaniel, Bailey. I fit right into their pack and shared my toys with my new canine brothers. I love attention and petting from all and I apparently made a good first impression on the family because they felt from the start that I was part of their family, and now I will be, forever. So let me tell you about them. First of all, there is Andy, who might be a bit wiser because with age comes wisdom, but he’s nice to be around and will even play with a young girl like me. Then there’s Bailey. He plays with me too and we get along great, but it’s not the same as Golden play, if you know what I mean! We have so much fun running and playing in the huge backyard. Then there are my new people, Terry, Joshua, Kailynn, and Noah. I love them all, but when Joshua is home, I am his shadow! Yes, I am truly spoiled! I get carried into Noah’s bed and since I started sleeping with him, he has stopped waking up during the night. Having a job makes me so happy and my new mom and dad are happy too! Whether we are sleeping, hanging out, or playing, life is so much better knowing that I now have a family and I have found the best home ever. Oh, yeah, think of me on April fools day because Terry and Joshua and the kids have picked April 1st as my official birthday since no one knew my real birthday. We are now one big happy family and I want to thank GRRIN very much for bringing me home!

April (12-10) and Andy

12-10 Sable and Andy 12-10 Sable HE 12-10 Sable now called April

Adopted April 1, 2012

  • Adopted by: Terry, Joshua, Kailynn, and Noah
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