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Adopted by:
Merv, Kris, Connor, Taylor, and Gracie

SHHH! That squirrel is going to make a mistake, and Gracie and I are just waiting for our opportunity. My name is Penny, and Gracie is my feline partner. We hang out together a lot. She’ll open the screen door for me, and we stalk a pesky squirrel named NUT-JOB. We can sit for hours while NUT-JOB chatters and runs around the back yard. But we’re patient. One of these days he’ll take a wrong turn, and we’ll catch him. Gracie and I are quite a team. Life for me wasn’t always this much fun. I started my life in Kansas. One day I was picked up by the “dog catcher”, and taken to a shelter. There were a lot of other dogs and cats there. I was a little intimidated by all of the commotion. One day a nice man came to meet me. He said that he was from a place called GRRIN, and he’d be “springing” me. I took a long car ride, and the man said, “welcome to Nebraska”. All I know is that the humans I met were really nice. Even the one called a vet, who poked, prodded, and operated on me. I went to a home called foster, where I met some friendly dogs and caring humans. I started to like being a part of a family, and my confidence grew. One day I met Merv and Kris, and their sons Connor and Taylor. I was attracted to the family right away, with a special link to Connor. I felt very comfortable around him. A few days later my foster Dad took me for a ride, and I got to see the nice family again! Everybody was making a fuss about me, and I heard them say that I was staying here forever. WOO HOO! I really liked my foster family, but I got to be part of a great forever family! Life is good now. I hang out with my people (I’m called a Velcro-dog, whatever that means), patrol the back yard for squirrels and rabbits, and go on great walks. I’ve been known to swipe a remote control or a sock, but I’m trying to avoid things that I’m not supposed to have. I’m so lucky to be part of a great forever-home, and it’s all thanks to that thing called GRRIN! 12-11 Penny and Gracie the cat 12-11 Penny HE 12-11 Penny HE Adopted May 2012

  • Adopted by: Merv, Kris, Connor, Taylor, and Gracie
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