12-12 Sophie 12-12

Adopted by:
Mike and Cindy

I know my name is Sophie, but you can call me LUCKY and HAPPY, too! When I first came in to GRRIN I went to live with a really nice foster family that taught me lots of things. I also had a blast playing with foster brothers Jazz and Dexter. But while that was wonderful, I just knew there was someone out there for me to call my own…and when I met Cindy and Mike we all just knew we’d be perfect together…like peanut butter and jelly…like ham and cheese…like fireworks on the 4th of July!!! Can you tell how happy I am in my new forever home?!?! I’ve checked out every nook and cranny around here and am now calling the place “mine.” I’ve got a great new dog bed, wonderful windows for bird watching and a pair of humans that love me to pieces!! I’ve already had a lot of action around here, too. I’ve been on rides and walks and just love spending as much time as possible with Mike and Cindy. Sometimes Mike and I go meet Cindy for her lunch break and we ‘picnic’ in the car until she has to go back to work. And I got to go on a Mother’s Day Road Trip where I met lots of my new relatives – some of my cousins are rescued grey hounds – and we had a lot of stories to trade when I could catch them! I also went to a softball game and to a senior center where they actually let me go inside and visit the residents!! Mike and Cindy were so proud of me because of my wonderful demeanor every place we went. Our road trip was so fun and exciting that I just had to SNORE on the ride back home!! Having such a great new life is exhausting!! On top of all that I am still learning lots of new things — like ringing cat bells (did I say cat bells?!?!) at the door when I need to go outside, and how to not “ voice” my opinion when it isn’t asked for, but Mike and Cindy are fun, patient teachers and we are all enjoying the experience of learning together. I just wanted everyone to know that I couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank the people at GRRIN enough for helping me find Mike and Cindy. Now I know what it means to be Livin’ Large!! THANKS, GRRIN!!! 12-12sophie-2.jpg Adopted May 2012