12-15 Sam 12-15

Adopted by:
Greg, Anne, Zoey, and Harley

I’m Sam and it’s been a while since I was adopted in 2012 but I’ve been so busy at my new home that I haven’t had a chance to send an update to GRRIN. I was surrendered by a really nice family who decided that I wasn’t very happy living with them. I had chewed a big sore on my front leg and the folks at GRRIN thought maybe I should go to a home that was really quiet and relaxing, so I went to live with Danielle. She didn’t have any other pets and her house was like dog heaven: lots of toys and all of them for me, plus all the attention I wanted when she got home from work! It took a long time for my leg to get better so I didn’t meet my new family right away, but as soon as they saw me they knew I should come live with them. Everyone wondered how I’d get along with their resident Golden, Zoey, and of course I tried to push the boundaries, but we’ve worked things out. I’ve got plenty of other stuff to keep me distracted including bubbles (love those!), long walks (even better when I find dead things), and trips to work where everyone loves me. My new mom was pretty distressed when I blew my coat – she was worried I’d look a bit scary at Gold Rush – but I am back to my normal fluffy self and minus a few pounds due to the walks. It was really hard for my first family to let me go because they had raised me from a pup, but I’m grateful to now be with Anne and Greg!!

12-15 Sam Sam 12-15-1Adopted September 2012