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Adopted by:
Taylor, Jason, Reagan, and Easton

I’d never have dreamed that being part of a family could feel so good. My name is Brandi. I used to live outside on a farm with Dixie, another Golden Retriever. We weren’t allowed to live inside the house, so we bedded down in a corner of a drafty barn. We would occasionally interact with humans, and that was the highlight of our life. One day our owner realized that life for us could be a lot better if we had a home where they had the time to spend with us. He called a place called GRRIN, and before long we were off the farm and in a place called a foster home. But first we had to visit the vet to be caught up on vet work, cleaned up, and have the numerous ticks removed. Even though Dixie and I went to different foster homes, things were so different and wonderful that I didn’t have much time to miss her! Besides – I heard that she was in a wonderful place, too! It didn’t take me long to get used to being in the house with Dick, Judy, and their dogs. However, I was diagnosed with an infection and a bladder stone the size of a baseball. Surgery successfully removed it, and I quickly healed. Then it was back to enjoying the life of a house dog! One day I met Taylor and Jason, their daughter Reagan, and son Easton. Kind of the All-American family. I hit it off with everyone right away, especially Easton. For a little human, he has a very kind touch. One day the nice GRRIN man was taking me for a car ride (which I LOVE). We stopped at a house, and I saw the nice family again! Somebody said, “Welcome Home, Brandi”, and someone else said, “You’re part of our family, now”. WOW! The dream just got better! Since my adoption, Taylor says that I’ve adjusted quickly from being a farm dog to family dog. I like to hang out indoors with my humans, with one exception: when I hear the front door open, I bolt for it so I can play a game of keep-away! The only way that I allow myself to lose this game is by being enticed to go for a car ride (and for me, that’s not a loss). My favorite spot to sleep is on Easton’s bed. It’s nice and comfy, and I just like being near his scent. I go on regular walks, and have learned the leash rules very well. Stealth furniture-surfing is a wonderful pastime, but Taylor tells me that she knows I’m doing it. Who? Me? How does she know? I’ve been told many times that I’m a wonderful dog, and complete the family. Who could ask for anything better? Thanks, GRRIN! You created my dream by helping me transition from a former farm dog to a forever family dog. 12-17 Brandi Happy Ending Adopted May 2012

  • Adopted by: Taylor, Jason, Reagan, and Easton
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