12-17 Dixie 12-17


You might remember me from a few month’s ago when I was placed on the GRRIN website with my sister, Brandi. We were two middle-aged farm dogs that needed a new home and luckily GRRIN had room for us! My foster mom Cathi said that I was a perfect lady and learned my inside manners quickly, plus I really liked the rest of her dog pack. When GRRIN started to match me up with families I was worried because so many folks wanted a younger dog. Then a nice human named Amanda met me one evening. She thought I was great and wanted me to come meet her resident old Golden, Sam – he makes me look like a spring chicken! And speaking of chickens, Amanda has those for pets, too, along with ducks! I don’t get why she thinks they make such great pets, but it makes the backyard more interesting and we all live in harmony. Sam and I have become best friends and Amanda can’t imagine her home without me. Thank goodness I get to spend my final years in a warm house with all the attention and love I could ever want! 12-17 Dixie now Jenny Forever Home 12-17 Dixie now Jenny Forever Home 12-17 Dixie now Jenny Forever Home Adopted May 2012