12-23 Biscuit 12-23

Adopted by:
Nancy and Helen

Hi, I’m Biscuit, a 6 year old beautiful dark red golden. I guess you could say that I’m one of the lucky ones. GRRIN got a call from a shelter in Iowa that they had a great looking golden that needed help finding a new home. So I went from Iowa to Omaha and landed in foster care in Lincoln. I was a little nervous after all that transition but you know what they say about us goldens, we are very resilient and adapt quickly! My new living arrangement was just great with me. While in foster care, I had some pretty good wrestling matches when they tried to put a collar on me. I had to learn how to walk on a leash, get used to someone grooming me, and I learned that I could go to Nancy or Helen for comfort when fireworks went off. This place was awesome because I had a new golden buddy named Rustic and two cats (not quite sure I like cats!) Rustic and I play with the golden and collie who live next door, too. We wear ourselves out playing, which makes Nancy and Helen very happy! After a few weeks in foster care, I decided it was pretty nice living here and so I decided to stay. Luckily, they agreed that they had room for one more in their pack so it was unanimous. I enjoy walks, playing ball, cuddling on the coach, and giving my new humans all the attention and love they need. I’m pretty spoiled now and I know I couldn’t have found a better home so here’s a shout out to GRRIN for all you’ve done in making my life complete! 12-23 Biscuit Forever Home Adopted August 2012