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What happens when you mix an 18 month old Golden with a busy family of two children and a new baby? That’s right! It’s a bit much for one family to handle, so I spent my summer vacation with GRRIN waiting for a new forever home. When someone from GRRIN first came to meet me, I sat down and looked him right in the eye – humans like it when you pay attention. They must have really been impressed because a few days later I was with my new foster dad, Chris, and his resident Golden, Newman. Even though I’m young and have a lot of energy, I’m always willing to sit right down and meet new people or listen to directions. That’s probably why everyone who met me wanted to give me a home, but one new person in particular turned out to be the best match.

My new “furever” dad, John, knew immediately that I was the perfect dog for him; he’d adopted from GRRIN before and knew that the right dog sometimes takes a while to come along. My first order of business on my adoption day was to clear the bunnies out of the backyard. Then I hosted a party to introduce myself to all of the two- and four-legged neighbors. My new BFF’s are Charley, Bruce, Cocoa, and Lou, a Sheltie who moved in behind my yard.

John decided I needed to meet the out-of-state relatives so off we went to Copper Mountain, Colorado! Now that summer is over we are back on a school schedule – school for me! I’m currently attending a six-week course that covers some basic training but that’s because John is out of practice. My new and improved manners were timely because I just made a visit to Lakeside Hospital to visit a friend, and as usual everyone thinks I’m amazing!

On a more serious note, I was a witness to the burglary of John’s house, but fortunately I was in my crate and the perpetrator was more interested in taking our electronics and digging through things. When John came home you can imagine he was very relieved that I was OK, but the story gets even more interesting. The burglar was caught and items from many families were stored with the authorities until someone discovered a box that contained the ashes of a pet named Islay. Islay was John’s former GRRIN dog, and because she had such an interesting name that person was able to find out where she was from and let John know that she was still safe and ready to come home!

My birthday is in December and I’ll probably be having a fabulous party with all of my friends. Thank you to GRRIN for finding me such a great family!

Adopted August 2012