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As far as we know, Kandi began her life as a breeder dog. Then she was abandoned in her home by her surrendering owners when they moved. It’s unknown if she had food or water in the 3 days before she came to GRRIN. She is a very sweet girl with quite a lot of energy for a dog of her age, so her foster parents, Matt and Amy, worked with her to learn manners – Kandi even went to school! When Kandi met her “forever” mom, Theresa, everyone knew it was a perfect fit. In her own words, she contacted GRRIN about his progress: Kandi settled in day one. She is like having a puppy in that everything is just so new and so exciting to her. Everything she does is with great joy and exuberance. Our first few days, we had to adjust to her wanting to wake me up in the early, early mornings. I thought she had to go out, but in fact, she just wanted to eat. She loves her food! But she pretty much knows now that when the alarm starts playing “Get the Party Started” by PINK, it’s time to get out of bed! She has a new bff, Harley, a Wheaton Terrier my friend got from Midwest Wheaton Terrier rescue about 1.5 years go. Harley is 9 years old now, and is teaching Kandi all kinds of things. Like when to stop when walking, and when to run like there is no tomorrow! Car rides seem to be her favorite thing in the world to do, and there are times she makes sure I know I am not leaving without her, as she will block the door! She has had lots of folks come by just to meet her, and she loves every second of that attention. She also loves her stuffed animals. I came home one day last week to find all of them pulled out in the middle of the living room. She flips them around, rolls around on the ground with them, it’s just too cute for words. She has been such a joy so far…and I look forward to so many more years with her. I’m so thankful that she is part of my life! 12-28 Kandi Forever Home waiting for her treat 12-28 Kandi and her BFF 12-28 Kandi Forever New Rug Adopted November 2012