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Hi, my name is Abigail Girl Jensen. Don’t let the crazy name fool you. I’m the only normal one in my forever family. Most of the time, they call me Abby, but I’ve also picked up a few nicknames like Abby Girl, Abs, and Abigail. I’m not sure where I came from, though. All I know is that a while back I ended up at the Humane Society overnight. After being adopted, my new family quickly realized that having a dog was a lot of work. So, they called a super awesome organization called GRRIN. (Thanks a million to that family who was so smart to call GRRIN!) They took me to this really cool house and Russ became my foster dad. He took really good care of me and had me checked out. They took me to a special veterinarian to check out my leg. The doc told me I must have had an injury at my first home but I’m not sure what happened, so I need lots of special love and care. I couldn’t remember when my birthday was so they also told me I might be around 7 years old. While Russ was taking great care of me, the GRRIN family found my forever home.

My forever family loves me to pieces! I have a new dad and mom, 3 big brothers (9, 11, 13) and 1 little brother (3) and even a cat brother, too. My new mama is so excited to have another girl in the house! Gizmo, my cat brother, and I had to settle our differences at first. He wasn’t too happy I finally came home and I just wanted to check him out. A few days later, my mama discovered us lying together in the sun and we’ve been friends since.

My big brothers like to throw balls with me. I love to catch them in the air while I’m in the house or chase after them outside. I think I may have to join Tennis Ball-a-holics Anonymous because I may have a slight tennis ball addiction. I also love to sit outside with my big brothers while they play basketball. All I want is to be wherever my family is because they make me so happy and make me feel safe.

I don’t take big walks like other dogs because of my leg, but a park is the perfect distance away. My little brother likes to walk me over there with my mama while my big brothers are at school. I watch my little brother play, then we walk home. I’ve already learned a few new tricks. My family taught me to stay at the door when they leave and to shake their hand. (Shhh, it’s really not a trick….I just want the treat they give me!) My mama plays a game of keep away with me. I play it with my new stuffed purple bone that the nice GRRIN people gave me. We wrestle around on the floor and I love it when I win! Once in a while, I let her win, too.

I have really good manners and stay off of the furniture all day. It’s a whole other story at night, though. After everyone goes to bed, I sleep in the same place on the couch every night, but please don’t tell them! (They’ll never know!) Sometimes I wake up with a blanket covering me and I still haven’t figured out how they make that happen while they’re sleeping. I also love to go for rides in the car around town. My dad is on the volunteer fire department. Sometimes, he even takes me to the station so I can run around inside and check out all the fire trucks. Last week, my mama took me on a ride to visit one of my big brothers in his Ag Science class at school. I was so excited to meet all his friends! I love to meet people and am super friendly to everyone!

My family takes really good care of me and makes sure I have my special medicine for my leg. My mama and big brothers love lying on the floor with me at night watching TV. I love to cuddle with them. I lay my paw over them or rest my head in their lap while they love me. I can’t believe it took me this long to find them. They say I’m the best dog ever and I think they’re pretty great, too. I love them so much and feel so comfortable in my forever home. We are going to live happily ever after together! Thanks so much GRRIN!! 12-29 Abby Happy Ending 12-29 Abby Happy Ending 12-29 Abby Happy Ending 12-29 Abby Happy Ending 12-29 Abby Happy Ending 12-29 Abby Happy Ending

Adopted October 2012