12-32 Bally 12-32

Adopted by:
Denny and Candy

Hi, I’m Molly. I used to be called Bally, but you can call me whatever you want as long as you don’t call me late to meals. I’m just a pup, but I have now had the opportunity to live with two families that love me and care about me. The first family I lived with loved me so much that when they realized I was too much for them to handle they made the tough decision to trust GRRIN to find me a new home. Public beware, puppies are a lot of hard work and I hear that as a Golden I have at least two years before I need to start acting a little grown up. Here’s what I hear my new family say about me. After loosing their old Golden girl, Lucy, they wondered if they would ever find another dog like her. Now they feel blessed to count me as part of their family. They say I’m a fun-loving, spirited puppy that is full of energy from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I guess what they say is true. I like to get up early and let my family know it is a good day to be alive. I love to play with my toys, especially the squeaky green ball. The more noise it makes the better. I do take time out from playing with my toys when I hear the refrigerator because I love to eat ice cubes, and that’s where they seem to come from. I get to go for walks in the park every day. Can you beat that? I also get to play ball in the yard. I am also learning more about what it means to be a friend. One new friend of mine is Hanneli, she is a Burmese Mountain dog. She’s a big girl compared to me, but is becoming a good family friend that plays with me. In my family home there is Denny and Candy, but get this, they have grown boys that like to come over to play with me. I love that because I like to be the center of attention. I am adjusting well to my new home. However, there seems to always be a dog in the sliding glass door that I need to softly growl at. This other dog seems to be out at night in the shadows as well. I guess I’m just a young thing that still has a few things to learn, and a loving family to help me as I grow up. Thanks, Denny & Candy. 12-32 Bally now Molly Forever Family 12-32 Bally now Molly Forever Family 12-32 Bally now Molly Forever Family Adopted October 2012