12-37 Rex 12-37

Adopted by:
Michael, Molly and the girls

Rex was found as a stray in Kansas after wandering onto a farm. The family that found him took great care of Rex in the time he was there, but he just didn’t fit with the resident Boston Terriers, so they surrendered him to GRRIN. He was very underweight, tick infested, and had a collar that was too tight. He needed to learn basic manners but his new foster mom Mandi decided she was ready for the challenge and took Rex everywhere to meet new people and be exposed to new things. Then along came a family waiting patiently to adopt – well, maybe not so patiently as they had FOUR daughters looking for a new family member. The volunteers at GRRIN were charmed as the girls came to events hoping they would find a match, offering different opinions about which dog they liked, yet agreeing that they would all love whatever dog their parents decided to adopt. When they finally met Rex, there wasn’t much question about whether he was the right fit as it was love at first sight. Rex’s new mom, Molly, summarizes his progress best: Rex has been wonderful. He and Cocoa have become best buds. They follow each other around all day, wrestle together, cuddle together and sleep against each other. Rex loves the girls. He follows them around wherever they go. He loves to chew on their stuffed animals. He loves our big back yard. He wants to run around all the time. The snow was a big treat for him too. He loved to bury his nose in the snow and run wild. The girls truly feel that Bud (our old Golden) sent Rex to us. We miss Bud so much, but we really love Rex. As we say, he rescued us, we didn’t rescue him. 12-37 Rex Forever Family Adopted November 2012