13-04 Daisy 13-04

Adopted by:
Tim, Konda and Georgia

Well, well, well, am I a happy and very lucky girl! I found my forever home with Tim, Konda and Georgia! Tim and Konda are my new parents and Georgia is my new canine sister. We all get along great! I have lots of toys to play with and a huge yard to go exploring. We go for walks during the day, I surprised Mom by barking at a truck on one of our walks, which may not seem like much, but because I had nothing to say previously she had not heard my voice (after all, I have it all, so what was there to say?) Anyway, a big pickup truck came out of a driveway and I wanted to warn him that we were close, to protect mom and Georgia. So I barked for the first time in a very long time! Boy did it feel good! Georgia and I are a perfect match – we both have the same energy level. But she can’t make snow angels yet. That will have to wait for next year! Thanks, GRRIN for helping me find my forever home! Daisy 13-04 Daisy Forever Family 2013 13-04 Daisy Forever Family 2013 13-04 Daisy Forever Family 2013 Adopted March 2013