13-05 Zoey 13-05

Adopted by:
Andrew, Erin & Ryleigh

Hello, my name is Zoey and I have just turned one year old! When I was just about six months old, I was adopted by my new family; Andrew, Erin, & Ryleigh (2yrs). I have loved living with them; especially playing with Ryleigh! While my human parents are fun, I really love chasing Ryleigh and playing wherever she is! She will make sure I get special “puppy treats” and gives me lots of hugs and kisses! I love going to the dog park too! Getting to swim and play chase with other dogs is the best! I also love when my family and I go on long walks and hikes! being outside is my favorite it doesn’t matter if its raining, snowing, hot or cold; i just want to be outside! Oh and tennis balls-those are my favorite things to chase (aside from rabbits)! So far I have been having a blast with my new family! 13-05-zoey-puppy-13-05-ht1.jpg 13-05 Zoey puppy 13-05 Zoey puppy 13-05 Zoey puppy 13-05 Zoey the Calm Tail-Wagging Puppy Adopted 2013