13-07 Sadie 13-07

Adopted by:
Nancy and Craig

Easter Sunday used to mean nothing to me. But now I will celebrate it forever as the happiest day of my life! You see, I found my forever home and was adopted on Easter Sunday! I met my future family the day before and immediately we took to each other. Nancy and Craig live in Lincoln and drove all the way to Papillion just to meet me! That tells you right there that they are special! I had come from a farm where I had little socialization and certainly no family interaction. My foster mom came and picked me up and immediately brought me into her home with her two resident dogs and cat. She taught me how to be part of a family. For the first few nights I slept in the hallway, but she persisted and eventually I understood that everyone slept in one room, and I understood that was part of being in a family! And the best part was snuggling up with her on the bed! Nancy and Craig take me for lots of walks which I really love. They also have several grandchildren with whom I enjoy spending time, and they are fun to be with. I did not like going downstairs inside my foster mom’s house, but my adoptive parents’ stairs are different. They have a landing in the middle and they are more open. The first day, I went upstairs just fine, but I balked at coming down them. I soon realized it was easy, and now I go up and down them all the time . Besides, I hated to miss out on spending time with them, eating and going outside! And if I never went upstairs to avoid going downstairs, I would never get to be in their bedroom and snuggle and sleep on their bed, too! So, I am signing off now, from the Life of Riley, in Lincoln. Thank you, GRRIN for all you have done for me. And Happy Easter! Sadie Adopted March 2013