13-09 Angel and 13-16 Hope 13-09 and 13-16

Adopted by:
John, Brenda and the pack

In early March, GRRIN was asked by Rescue A Golden of Minnesota to foster two senior puppy mill “mamas”, Angel and Duchess. Both dogs were completely un-socialized with humans. Angel was transported to her foster home and it was quickly determined that she was about to have puppies! An ultrasound revealed three live pups, all expertly delivered within a few days. Unfortunately, two of the pups were born with defects and only one survived. For a time she was called Hope, but foster mom Brenda decided she was a Sadie. As the weeks passed, mama Angel adapted to living in a home and having the opportunity to raise one of her babies. Sadie started to look more and more like a Doodle and discussion began about adoption. Brenda could see that Sadie was teaching Angel how to play and be a “real” dog; after bonding so deeply with Angel and Sadie, Brenda asked GRRIN if she could adopt both dogs. It is a wonderful match for everyone as Brenda’s resident dogs have taught Sadie doggy manners that Angel never learned. Watching doodle Sadie grow up has been extremely entertaining – Brenda has frequently found Angel and Sadie in the middle of the night playing tug of war and wrestling! 13-09 Angel and her puppy 13-16 Hope Adopted 2013