13-11 Nina 13-11

Adopted by:
Vance & Sheri

Hi my name is Lilly (formerly Nina) and I was adopted 3 months ago and I love my new furever home. I am spoiled, I know it, and I sure do like that. I love attention and I get that also. I have also learned new skills. My first new skill I learned is that I may be the new kid on the block but I am not the only dog on the block. I have learned to get along with my neighbor who is a real nice sweet ol’ dog. My mom reminds me when I go outside to be nice and so far I have been real good – that is what she says. Its a learning process. I am learning other dogs are not so bad. When someone comes to visit I always pick up something and carry it around in my mouth. I don’t chew but I do this to cover my goofy smile. My mom says its a very sweet smile and my dad says its a huge silly grin. I say It’s all good. I am doing very well. I would like to thank Danielle my foster mom for the nice Christmas Card. Thank you for all you did for me. I will always remember you and keep you in my heart.


Ms Lilly…