13-12 Cheeto Jr 13-12

Adopted by:
Ken and Merry

This is Cheeto here, reporting from my fabulous forever home! Merry and Ken recently lost their beloved Golden, and I am helping them get through it. They are so good and kind to me, and they said getting me was like Christmas! I am so glad they feel that way because the feeling is mutual! My foster mom, Cathi really worked with me to overcome some initial nervousness and I am grateful for all she did for me. As much as I loved it at her house, when Merry and Ken came along, I knew they were the ones I was looking for! I am still learning to walk on a leash – but there are so many exciting things to see and smell and touch! I want to see it all! However, I am not used to going outside by myself. My foster mom had other dogs, so I was never alone. But Merry and Ken are being patient with me. I am what is often called a velcro puppy – but even more so. In fact I was dubbed a “band-aid” puppy by Merry’s mom. It is so true. I am right there with you all of the time! I have met some neighbor dogs and really enjoy playing with them, but there is nothing like cuddling up with my new parents. Also, they say I really make them laugh – like the time I took a little rest in the bathtub while Merry was cleaning! Yep – life is good! Thank you GRRIN for helping me find the perfect forever home! 13-12 Cheeto 13-12 Cheeto in the bathtub 13-12 Cheeto Forever Family Adopted May 2013