13-13 Hunter 13-13

Adopted by:
Mike, Julie, Steve & Suzanne

My name is Hunter. I am 10 years old. I came into GRRIN because my wonderful owner was dying. He had taken me to some really fun GRRIN functions, and he knew that they would take great care of me, and he was so right. My foster mom/new mom took me to see my owner as much as she could and we were both so glad to see each other every time. I even got to be the guest of honor at his Memorial Service. My foster family fell in love with me, but it took them a while to realize that they also needed to adopt me. They had been fostering for 7 years, and I’m so happy here and glad that I don’t have to move again. I love having a yard to play in, having Jake as my dog brother, and I’m even getting used to the cat, C.J. I love my new kids and I think it is great fun to meet their friends and hang out with them. Some of my favorite things are going for walks, going for car rides and especially playing with my soccer balls. I love all kinds of balls, but soccer balls are my favorite. I even tried to participate in a soccer scrimmage but that didn’t go very well with the coach. I am a true “velcro” dog, and follow my new family around everywhere. I love running and playing, and I hear my family say that I don’t act my age at all. They have to be careful with me because of my arthritis but it’s so fun to run with my soccer balls and tennis balls. I always have a big smile on my face because I am so happy to be in my new forever home. I loved living with my first owner and will always remember the fun times we had and the love we shared. I’m so glad that he heard of GRRIN and knew that I could be a happy old dog with another family. Thank you GRRIN for being there for me.

Hunter (on right) with Jake 13-13 Hunter on right with Jake

Hunter and his soccer ball (foreground) with Jake 13-13 Hunter in foreground with Jake

Hunter loves his soccer balls 13-13 Hunter

Hunter always prefers the soccer ball 13-13 Hunter Adopted July 2013