13-19 Sammie 13-19

Adopted by:
Randy & Jamie D.

Sammie was a sweet foster dog from the very beginning when we received her for the first time last year We were told she was 7 yrs. old and terrified of thunderstorms. This was not a problem while here. She stays close people and does just fine. She was a dear foster dog that fit in well with our family, which includes our resident Golden Bob.

An adoptive family was found quickly and Sammie was placed with a perfect owner. When this owner sadly needed to return Sammie to GRRIN, she came back to our family as a foster. Again, Sammie fit in with our family as if she had always been here. She loved the attention, big yard and Bob

Well, as time went on it became quite apparent that Sammie had decided that this was to be her home. She found her favorite spots to sleep and is a constant companion to Mom Jamie.

She is 9 years old but has the health and activity of a much younger golden. She LOVES her hedgehog animals and usually has one in her mouth or close by. She and Bob take turns moving them around the house. If a stuffed hedgehog is for sale and Jamie sees it, it will find its way to Sammie’s house.

The Duckert family knew Sammie was in her Forever Home and our in our hearts. She is such a wonderful pet. She travels well, has good manners and loves her home.

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