13-20 Frosty 13-20

Adopted by:
Ely and Windy

Frosty is one of GRRIN’s VIP’s – a Very Important Puppy! He was surrendered by a good samaritan who knew he’d been exposed to the cold and rescued him from a breeder. GRRIN usually tries to place puppies with their new owners immediately to avoid the confusion of bonding with a foster family and then the “forever” family. Luckily, Ely and Windy were approved to adopt and ready to take on the challenge of a puppy. Frosty had obviously suffered from some frostbite but the extent of the damage to his paws and nose would be revealed as he grew. As the months have passed, Frosty appears to be a perfectly normal young Golden who loves to play! At a recent GRRIN gathering, he interacted with at least a dozen adult Goldens, one Doodle, and a Bulldog – he got along with all of them and afterwards was asleep in the car before it left the driveway. Frosty’s favorite spot is in “the big chair” with Ely, but he has both Ely and Windy wrapped around his paw. 13-20 Frosty HE Adopted 2013