13-28 Lucky 13-28

Adopted by:

I’m so happy, oh so happy! I’m as happy as happy can be! Yep, I have a new forever home. I get to hang out with John all day. And Rosemary and I go romping around the neighborhood, generally twice daily. Okay, we don’t really romp, but she lets me go at my pace, sniffing things here, watching things there. Rosemary really likes my calm nature and we both enjoy our walks. And to boot, they have grandkids, and neighbor kids who all come around to play with me! I’ve got the best of both worlds: no live-in kids, but plenty around to play with! I enjoy the daily quiet with John, but look forward to visitors too! I miss my original family, but John and Rosemary are so good to me – I am happy here. So thank you to GRRIN for taking me in when my family could not keep me, and for finding the best home ever! See you around the bend! Lucky 13-28 Lucky Adopted 2013