13-31 Briley 13-31

Adopted by:
Bonnie and Dave

I found it!  I found it!  What you may ask?  My forever home, of course!  I was so lucky to find Bonnie and Dave and it is like we have always been a family.  I am doing so well, including with the cat!   But mom knew I would!   Their grand daughter  and I play all day.  And she adores me, and I adore her – it is a mutual admiration society!   It’s all good. My new parents say they are lucky to have me – but I know I am the lucky one!  We all sit outside  in the evening and am getting to know all the neighbors.  Dave also plays ball with me twice a day until I am actually tired!  They think I am funny when I talk to them or to the television. Thank You to all who took such good care of me and a special thanks to Janez and Chris for all their care  while I was looking for my new family!  I could not have asked for a happier ending!

13-31 Briley 172931

Adopted 2013