13-31 Briley 13-31

Adopted by:
Robert & Sally

I have a terrific story to tell you about me. My name is Briley and people say I am the sweetest, senior Golden. I lived with my previous family almost my entire life. We went for walks, car rides, and played in the yard; I loved living with my dad and mom and they dearly loved me. Somehow, I injured my leg and was having trouble walking. GRRIN was notified and the decision was made for me to leave my family and go live with a foster family. GRRIN took me to a specialized vet and my leg diagnosis was a torn CCL….YIKES. I had surgery and my foster family took excellent care of me; and, after several weeks, I made a remarkable recovery and it was time for me to meet families to find my new furever home. Immediately, a wonderful couple also thought I was the sweetest, senior Golden girl and they adopted me. Wow, I have so much fun in my new home…there are all these TOYS and I constantly carry a toy around with me and sometimes share them with my fur-brother. When playing, I will see a dog on the television and I will try to reach for it. I do have an annoying habit of waking up at 4:00am barking and wanting to go outside and then eat breakfast…we’re working on changing this habit! I have to be the luckiest, senior Golden ever…having such wonderful families to care and love me: my previous family, my GRRIN family, and now my furever family. I am so thankful to everyone and I will always remember and love all of you.…LIFE IS GOOD!