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Becky and Jeff, Sarah, Bentley, Spencer and Kitty

Hello to all! My name is Lucky, and my name says it all! I am the luckiest guy alive.

I am forever grateful to the good people of GRRIN for introducing me to my new family who have welcomed me into their home.

I joined two resident dogs Bentley (a Golden) and Spencer (a Cocker Spaniel), my new mom and dad, Becky and Jeff, and my human sister Sarah. When I first arrived at Jeff and Becky’s I encountered something unexpected…..the cat, who is appropriately named….Kitty. She is proud of the title of “the grumpiest one in the family at my new home.”

Bentley and Spencer have learned to keep their distance from Kitty as they can remember when she still had claws. Kitty is quite a bit older now, doesn’t have the claws but still thinks she is a formidable foe. When I met her I just thought she was some sort of furry wind-up toy that I got to play with. Kitty would keep punching at me and threatening to bite, and I would just play with her gently pawing her. She is one feisty cat that has taught me to respect her space. But now, late at night, we are frequently laying side by side, snuggling together, Kitty using me for a pillow.

I also have a very special treat every work day. I know when dad grabs his keys or coat or packs up his laptop that it is time to leave. I get to go to the office!!! If dad has to leave his office for a meeting, I am always concerned so dad has to distract me with a Kong treat or something to keep me occupied so he can go to his meeting. Then I lay by the front door, looking out the window waiting for dad to come back.

Did I mention that behind my house is a lake and that I watch the geese land and take off? It is so cool how they can fly!

Thanks to everyone who helped me find my forever home!


Lucky with his buddies Bentley, Spencer and Kitty
13-32 Lucky with Bentley Spencer Kitty

  • Adopted by: Becky and Jeff, Sarah, Bentley, Spencer and Kitty
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