13-38 Lady 13-38

Adopted by:
Myron & Cookie

I have been through a few moves and changes lately, but in the end, it was worth it.
My foster home with Deb and Roger was wonderful. They took good care of me through surgery and helping me to get used to house living, They gave me a lot of support and love.
Then came Cookie and Myron. I thought perhaps I was just moving temporarily again, but nope! They wanted me to be part of their family – forever!
I am right at home with the family. They don’t even get mad when I take their grandson’s stuffed animal and run through the house with it! They were chasing me and it was fun! I gave it back in the end, being the good girl I am, there was no damage, and every one was laughing!
I knew right then that this was my forever home!
Thank you, GRRIN for everything you did for me. I am a very happy and lucky girl!
Lots of love,
Adopted January 2014
13-38 Lady 3