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Husker here!  I figured I’d better send an update to GRRIN before the next big UNL football game so read on to find out what’s been happening with me. I came to GRRIN almost a year ago from a rescue group in Iowa. They thought I was a sweetheart but didn’t have room for me so a nice guy named Jeff came and picked me up. I had a mini-vacation at Jeff’s and one with Elbert, but I ended up with Scott, Kelly, and their son Zach. They were a great foster family and really worked with me once they learned that I was nervous about certain things. I was ready for a forever home for a long time, but a lot of people passed me by because I don’t look like most Golden Retrievers. That’s ok, I ended up where I was supposed to be – with Ken! Ken saw my photo on Petfinder and decided I was the right dog for him. He needed a companion and a dog that would love to run around his huge back yard. The first time I went to Ken’s house, I knew I’d found my “furever” home and so did he. Thanks to GRRIN for sticking by a dog with a funny face and a quirky personality!

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13-41 Husker 13-41 Husker