14-03 Kaiya 14-03

Adopted by:
Roger & Debe

Kaiya here, checking in!  I am happy to say that I was just adopted by my foster family.  When I first came to live with Roger & Debe I was a very nervous dog, but I slowly got used to living with cats and another canine friend.  Simple things like fast movements and loud noises scared me so Roger worked hard to gain my trust and build my confidence.  GRRIN sent a lot of families to meet me, and I went to visit other homes, but I just didn’t seem to get along with anyone else.  After a year in foster care, Debe and Roger decided to make me a permanent member of their family.  I made sure the adoption was official as everyone signed the contract at the kitchen table and I watched from below.  I just turned 8 years old in January, so I am looking forward to spending my senior years with Roger & Debe – thank you, GRRIN!