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Hello. My name is Cuddles Marie – now. Mom says every kid should have a middle name so she knows if she is in trouble or TROUBLE. First, I want to thank GRRIN for rescuing me. They literally saved my life. I have Addison’s Syndrome. They brought me up from Kansas and placed me with my awesome foster dad, Bob. He cared for me, loved me and spoiled me. He made the frightening and confusing transition from my home to foster care a breeze. He also helped pick out a super new furever home for me.

Although I pretty much have everything under control now, to tell you the truth, I was a little worried about that saying, you know, “You can’t teach an old human new tricks.” Well, my new mom is no spring chicken, but she has taken to training very well. She has learned “out,” “water,” “done! with this walk” and “treat.” She also learned how to give me my shots. We are, however, having trouble with “leave it.” Just when I get the big dog orthopedic bed right where I want it, she puts it back. The same is true of the bean bag and our dog toys. Oh well, we will keep working on that.

I was surprised that Mom has a lot of other fur babies. I have a chocolate lab sister, Amber. We have finally made friends and love to play “Chew My Face Off” and “Don’t You Want This Toy?” Sometimes we even sleep together. I also have two feline sisters, Noire and Miss Priss. They are cool and pretty much mind their own business. Then there is my feline brother, Chip. He is such a pain! He has been sleeping all over MY pillow. P.U. cat! Then, if I leave the DOG bed to go get a drink, when I come back, there he is, right smack dab in the middle of it and he WON’T move. He just lays there and gives me catattitude. The girls may sleep with me but on one end, or by my back. Ugh! He is such a brother. Oh yes, I have two guinea pig brothers, Ace and Alex. They were class pets. I find them really intriguing, especially when they talk. Mom tells me leave them alone – they are not bacon–they are not ham. But man, they sure sound like pigs!

Other than the cat brat brother, life here is quiet and comfortable. I have everything well in paw. Thanks, again, for my rescue and for all the other goldens in need.

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