14-09 Madison 14-09

Adopted by:
Ken & Rita

I am Madison and I think I may be the luckiest Golden Retriever ever. I had a very good home and learned all the good things a Golden should know. But sometimes things change. GRRIN helped me find a new forever home and I couldn’t be happier. My new brother Junior has helped me get acquainted with the family and show me around. We have become good friends. When it comes to my new family, I have done a good job helping them get their exercise and improve their throwing arms. I know some might think it is a big sacrifice to chase after tennis balls all day, but I would do anything for my family. I have even helped the neighbor out by chasing some tennis balls he throws. Making visitors feel welcome is one of my specialties. I love meeting people. Rita says that I am sweet, gentle, and trustworthy. That makes me just about perfect. One more thing, a big thanks to Kandi and my foster mom who helped make the transition easy for me.

Madison 14-09-2 Madison 14-09