14-10 Buddy 14-10

Adopted by:
Jeff, Katie & Kyle

This is Buddy checking back in! I am doing great! I finally have my own furever home thanks to GRRIN and my great foster Danielle. I can’t forget all the other people that got me here either. I will never forget you all.

I am the happiest guy around here! I am quite the snuggler and I even get to sleep in Kyle’s bed with him. So nice…He is such a great big brother. Our favorite game is to play flashlight tag. He has even shown his friends how good I am at it. We can play for a long time!

14-10 Buddy Adopted 3Katie and Jeff have convinced me that it is okay to go down stairs and hang out with them. I had not really had a chance to do stairs before. I was scared but they helped me out. Now it is not big deal! They are great teachers for me. I have also learned how to jog and Katie has to keep up with ME! That is something for this old guy, huh?

I also love my car rides. It there really a reason that I have to get OUT of the car? It is fun to go to new places and meet people. And guess what? I get to start therapy dog training in January. I guess they think I am good with people. I also get to be part of the Reading Pups Program. I will get lots of people time! YAY!

Thanks again to everyone at GRRIN for making my life so wonderful. I am in great health now. I would not be here without all of you!!!

14-10 Buddy Adopted 2Thank you to Margie Ory, Seri Stastny, Catherine Kennedy and Danielle Pederson for your generous donations to help pay for Buddy’s heart worm treatment.

Please share this story and encourage others to make sure that their pets receive a monthly heartworm preventative.  Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos that carry the heartworm larvae.  These larvae mature and grow inside your beloved family member and can grow to be 12 inches long, eventually traveling to the heart and lungs of their host.  The treatment is dangerous to the pet and very expensive – it is much easier to remember to give a monthly preventative and have your dog tested once a year.

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