14-13 Strider (previously Odie) 14-13

Adopted by:
Cat and John

Hello!  I used to be called Odie but my new name is Strider. I was adopted about two months ago by Cat, John, and their resident dog Tatiana, and I love my new home. Cat says I am “naughty” and “incorrigible” but that’s what makes me so much fun. I like to steal the cat beds and drive Tatiana nuts. When Cat & John aren’t looking, I get cranky with my neighbor dog, Lucy, but then I turn on the charm. I’ve heard the words “very intelligent” used about me because I like to watch Zoboomafu on TV – I especially like the horses and will wait patiently for them to appear. I think my new family named me Strider because they just keep taking me and my antics in stride, but they love me as I am and wouldn’t give me up for anything.

14-13 Odie Photo Collage